June 24, 2016

Enjoy our beautiful new FamilySearch Logo, the newest Addition to the Library Wall Decor.  It is located on the wall in front of the Lift.  

June 7, 2016

 Castle and Bonnie Nishimoto have been called as the new directors of the Las Vegas Family Search Library.  Bonnie (Lee) is no stranger to the Library and we welcome her leadership.  Castle (Cas) has brought some wonderful administrative skills to help direct the activities of the library.  Welcome.

September 13, 2015





The hours for the FamilySearch Library changed to 9am - 3 pm on September 13, 2015. 

July 20, 2015


On Monday July 20, 2015 the library reopened with the new lift, changes to the upstairs computer lab, changes to the kitchen, a new phone system, widened doors, new upstairs carpeting, upgraded computer networking and cabling, and automatic lights in the bathrooms.  Come and work on your family history with us and see the changes in person.

June 1, 2015


The Las Vegas FamilySearch Library will be upgrading its facilities soon, as follows: 

  • A lift will be installed, which will enable all patrons and workers to get  to our second level where we have a classroom, special collections library, and chapel.

  • The cabling for the computers will be redone.  In addition to new cabling, we will set up a second closet so that the space between the computers and the cable connection will be shorter.  This should give us better response times.

  • The kitchen will be remodeled to give us a little less kitchen and a little more meeting room space for our shift devotionals.

  • The classroom by the kitchen door will be changed to face the opposite way to reduce distraction...

March 3, 2015


We are starting new classes on Family Tree using a hands on approach.  These classes will be done in the lab with each student working on their own computer on their own line.  Parts of the classes will work in a training Family Tree for practice to help you gain confidence without concern for making a mess out of Family Tree.  Then we will help guide you to work within your family tree to add, fix and source your ancestors.

January 7, 2014

​Each month the Las Vegas FamilySearch Library invites special guest instructors to teach classes like "Breaking Down Brick Walls", "Mining the Census", "Immigration & Naturalization Records", "Researching English, European and Scandinavian Records", "Understanding DNA", and "Using Google as a Research Tool."  These vary from month to month.  Check out our class schedule to see what is available for the current month.

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Directors: Elder Ken Openshaw and Sister Charlotte Openshaw


Assistant Director:

Sister Sandy Jackson




509 South 9th Street,

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

(702) 382-9695




(702) 382-9695

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