LOST TO TIME, but what if…

April 17, 2014

Maybe the Technology was not available, but what would it be like if you were to magically discover voice recordings of all 8 of your great grandparents, or better yet, all 16 of your great great grandparents, all talking about their personal adventures and life stories? Would you take the TIME to listen and would it have been worth their TIME to make the recordings? Would listening give you a feeling of connecting to them? Would you feel differently about your ancestors? Unfortunately it’s more likely all their stories are lost to TIME.Let’s flip the above, and ask would your great great grandchildren want to listen to your adventures and stories? Would they take the TIME to listen? YES!


Technology is available and all that is needed is yourTIME to get started.Good News! The Las Vegas Family History Library is creating a special room, fully equipped, and dedicated to video recording your family stories. You can reserve this room for your next “family activity” so that mom, dad, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Fred, and Grandma Carol can preserve their history. All you need to do is show up on your scheduled time and the library staff will handle all the recordings. ASK YOUR WARD FAMILY HISTORY CONSULTANT FOR DETALES OR CALL 702-382-9695Do not let the excuse “I just don’t have TIME” to prevent you from getting lost in TIME.


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(702) 382-9695

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